MIFARE Classic® 4K

The MIFARE Classic® 4K contactless smart card is based on NXP MF1 IC S70, which is connected to a coil with a few turns and then embedded into plastic to form the passive contactless smart card. The communication layer (MIFARE RF Interface) complies with part 2 and 3 of the ISO/IEC14443A standard. The security layer sport the field proven CRYPTO1 stream cipher for secure date exchange of the MIFARE Classic® family. It is contactless transmission of data and energy and no battery is needed.

Being developed based on expanding the functions of MIFARE Classic® 1K, the MIFARE Classic® 4K increases memory size significantly. Therefore, it is the perfect solution for multi-application cards and allows more flexible and convenient to users.



  • Frequency : 13.56MHz
  • Protocol : ISO14443A
  • Unique ID : 32bits
  • EEPROM Size : 4096Bytes
  • Material : PVC
  • Temperature : -20°C ~ +50°C
  • Data Retention : 10(year)
  • Write Endurance : 100,000(cycles)
  • Dimension : 85.6 × 54 × 0.86 ( mm )
  • Supported Readers : SL500L, SL500A, SL500F, SL013, SL025B, SL025M, SL018, SL030, SL031, SL032, SL040, SL040A, SL060, SL600
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