Matica LES8000 Printer

An increasingly complex world requires growing sophistication of safety measures. Governmental identity management professionals are subject to particularly high pressure in order to safeguard the key national identity documents. Therefore, security printing becomes a key instrument in preventing forgery or alterations.

Precision, speed, and efficiency for high-security printing

The LES8000 relies on a robust 6W DPSS laser to achieve a printing resolution of 600 to 1,600 dpi. This allows capturing maximum details in the reproduction of ID pictures in grayscale. Integration of micro text as an extra anti-counterfeit measure is similarly feasible at this print resolution. This model’s printing method enables the addition of MLI and CLI, tactile and non-tactile engraving. Laser security options further include offset registration, MRZ reading, and a vacuum system. The magnetic stripe, as well as contact and contactless chip encoding, are similarly available.

This industrial printer takes advantage of parallel processing for maximized throughput: feeder encoder and/or barcode reading, laser engraving, and single or dual lamination. By this means, an output of about 120 cards per hour assuming average ID card variable information and simultaneous execution of magnetic and smart card encoding can be attained. Since card feeding and card encoding are executed before the engraving process, a reduction of downtime resulting in high efficiency is possible.

Modular security printing system for an optimal return on investment

Each LES8000 can increase production when heavy chip encoding is combined with card printing. Service bureaus especially benefit from the fully automated, personalized process. While this model is normally equipped with one 350-card feeder encoding module (FEM), the capacity of the card stock may be increased to 1,400 cards with three additional FEMs for uninterrupted production. At max, this laser engraver achieves an output of up to 120 dual-sided cards per hour.

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