Matica LCP9660 Printer

Combine the merits of high-resolution retransfer printing with the power of a laser engraver to achieve unprecedented security and forgery protection for sensitive government documents and corporate ID cards.

Unrivaled Highly Secure Credentials

Issuing cards that are impossible to counterfeit has become the gold standard dream goal over the years. Governments continue to step up their investment in finding ways to combat forgery and this is where the LCP9660 comes into its own.

Its innovative color engraving solution leverages the benefits of advanced visual security features from over-the-edge dye sublimation retransfer technology – essentially, bringing the power of an industrial quality laser engraving machine to a desktop format.

In its first stage, the printing module can increase the security levels of the card. Some of the most outstanding visual security element (VSE) features include:

  • Micro-text hid in the design of the card and are only visible through a magnifying glass
  • Printing data with ultraviolet ribbon so that information becomes visible to the authorities only with the use of a UV light, which is achievable when using YMCKUv ribbon
  • New security ribbon YMCKSc to create a unique watermark design with variable reflecting ink, which increases the number of VSEs on each card.

MC-LX  – Unparalleled Desktop Laser Module

The new, innovative MC-LX desktop laser module has a sophisticated card transport method, which allows the card to tilt in all directions so the laser beam can reach all areas of the card.

A new patent-pending card transportation system called “scratch-free” TRIPODE secures a friction-less transportation during the production. The integrated flip-over and vertical adjustment for “out-of-focus” effects reduces the number of hardware parts making the activation of options virtually installation-free. Unlike former desktop laser module, MC-LX has upgraded without the needs of mirrors or extra hardware part while performing visual security elements such as CLI and MLI.

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